CIS Tuning

Follow this step by step tuning guide for tuning the UTCIS-V™

CIS Flow Test

Many of our customers use the tuning capability of the UTCIS™ to develop more power. We are often asked, "How much power can the stock fuel system support?" The answer is a lot more than stock, but it depends on several factors.

The UTCIS™ brings a level of tuning not seen before in CIS fuel systems, making it possible to address the tuning challenges that cannot be solved using more primitive mechanical devices. The mid-range enrichment problem in a Porsche 930 is a good example. The UTCIS™ cannot increase the maximum possible amount of fuel that the fuel pump/distributor/injectors can deliver. Just how much fuel is your CIS system capable of delivering, and how much H.P. does this translate to? Fortunately there's an easy way to find out. You can measure your fuel delivery according to the instructions found in the CIS Flow Test to find out how much fuel your CIS system is capable of delivering.

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