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ACCII Upgrade Kit
The UnwiredTools™ ACCII Upgrade Kit replaces the unreliable OEM analog and mechanical climate control system with modern digital microprocessor technology. This upgrade replaces the OEM Servo and Amplifier and like all UnwiredTools Automotive products, comes with our limited One Year Warranty.

Thanks to our ACCII Upgrade Kit, many Mercedes owners can junk their servo and not their car!

You can also find our cost effective Thumbwheel Repair Kit on the ACCII product page.

The UnwiredTools™ UTCIS™ family of products are replacement upgrades for the OEM CIS Warmup Regulator on your Bosch K-Jet Tronic™ equipped vehicle. With three different UTCIS™ versions available, there is an UnwiredTools™ UTCIS™ product that is perfect for your vehicle.

Our innovative software package along with superior mechanical design permits closed-loop Control Pressure management, allowing you unprecedented control of your CIS fuel injected engine. "Dial in" just the right mix of performance and economy, and the UTCIS™ can even help with satisfying your local emissions standards.

Why spend thousands to convert your CIS equipped vehicle to EFI when you can just UT-equip your fuel injection system?

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