UTCIS Engine Management Software™(Patent Pending)

The UTCIS Engine Management Software™ is a Windows™ based software package compatible with each of the UTCIS™ products. The software is used to configure and tune an installed UTCIS™ while it is in the vehicle. It may be connected via a serial cable or optional Bluetooth™ connection.

Please Note: It is highly recommended that this software not be used while actually driving a vehicle for obvious safety concerns!

The software permits programming of the desired Warm-Up cycle, Control Pressure settings for a given RPM/Manifold Air Pressure (vacuum or boost) as well as allowing near real-time data logging and replay capabilities.*

* Note that the supported features are dictated by which UTCIS™ product is installed.

UTCIS™Engine Management Software

All UTCIS™ products (UTCIS-G™,UTCIS-V™,UTCIS-PT™) offer Warm Up cycle management.

The UTCIS-G™ offers customized Control Pressure

The UTCIS-V™ offers customized Control Pressure vs. Manifold Air Pressure values of up to 1.0 bar

The UTCIS-PT™ offers customized Control Pressure vs. Manifold Air Pressure, up to 2.2 bar, across a series of RPM Ranges (1000 - 7000 RPM)

Supporting Documentation

UTCIS™ Engine Management Software Manual

UTCIS-V™ Base Engine Management Map
UTCIS-V™ Engine Management Map for Ferrari 308GTSI
UTCIS-PT™ Base 930 Engine Management Map

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