The UTCIS-G™ is a General purpose, or universal, Warm-Up Regulator Upgrade. It offers basic functionality including user-programmable Warm-Up Enrichment Cycle and a user-programmable steady-state control pressure setting. The UTCIS-G™ is compatible with all applications where there is no vacuum connection on the OEM Warm-Up Regulator. In fact, if your OEM WUR has a vacuum connection, but you just want basic warm up functionality and you are not concerned with full throttle enrichment, the UTCIS-G™ is your low cost option to protect your engine from being stuck in either too-rich or too-lean conditions. The UTCIS-G™, like all UTCIS™ products is compatible with the UTCIS Engine Management Software™ available for download from the UnwiredTools™ web site support section.

All K-Jetronic equipped engines which are normally aspirated. If your OEM Warm-Up Regulator has a vacuum connection and you desire the benefits of full throttle enrichment, you will not want the UTCIS-G™ - see the UTCIS-V™ instead. A list of common K-Jetronic applications is found here

UnwiredTools UTCIS-G

Price: $299.00 USD

Supporting Documentation

UTCIS™ Engine Management Software Manual
UTCIS-G™ & UTCIS-V™ Installation Manual

UTCIS™ Application & Tuning Guide

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