UTCIS™ Rest Pressure Kit

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In order for a warm/hot engine to restart quickly, fuel pressure must be maintained even after the car is shut off. Keeping the fuel under pressure helps to prevent vapor lock. The fuel pressure which remains after the engine shut off is called rest, or residual, pressure. There are a few components in the Bosch CIS system responsible for maintaining rest pressure. The critical ones are the fuel pump check valve, accumulator, system pressure regulator and either a push valve (78 and later—see Figure 1) or a warm-up regulator with integrated shut off valve (1974-1977).

The Control Pressure Rest Pressure Kit is designed for Bosch CIS systems that do not have a push valve (1974 to 1977).

Rest Pressure Kit

UnwiredTools CIS Control Pressure Rest Pressure Kit
Price: $99.00 USD

There are two main reasons for installing the control pressure update kit:

  1. If you have or are planning on installing the UTCIS-G™, UTCIS-V™ or UTCIS-PT™ on your 1974 to 1977 vehicle. In order to maintain proper rest pressure the control pressure update kit is required. The UCTIS™ product by itself does not include an internal shut-off valve like the OE 1974-1977 warm up regulator.
  2. If you have the OE warm up regulator on your 1974 to 1977 vehicle and you’re having hot start problems. The control pressure update kit will maintain a higher rest pressure and will reduce vapor lock.

Rest Pressure Kit on a UTCIS™

Rest Pressure Kit on an OEM WUR

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