UnwiredTools™ ACCII-Do It Yourself (DIY) Kit

The ACCII-DIY™ upgrades the ACCII system in Mercedes 116, 107, and 123 chassis vehicles. This product is intended for the do-it-yourself owner who wishes to upgrade and repair their own vehicle. This product is lower cost, simpler, easier to install, and is limited in function compared to the UnwiredTools ACCII Upgrade Kit™. The features compared to the ACCII™ are as follows:

 DiagnosticsLeg EventCenter VentTemperature controlFan Speeds
ACCII-Upgrade Kit™YesAutomaticAutomaticYesYes

When the ACCII-DIY™ is installed the opening of the air vents inside the vehicle are set manually as part of the installation. The vent setting may be occasionally changed, for example seasonally. The opening and closing of the vents is not automatic as is the case with the ACCII Upgrade Kit™. The ACCII-DIY™ also does not have the diagnostic function of the ACCII Upgrade Kit™. The control of fan speeds and the temperature regulation of the ACCII-DIY™ are fully automatic.

Like all UnwiredTools Automotive products, a One Year Limited Warranty is included.

280E123.033Through 1980
280CE123.053Through 1980
280S116.024Starting 053228
300D123.130Through 1980
300CD123.150Through 1980
380SL107.045Through 1981
450SE116.032Starting 043640
450SEL116.033Starting 043634
450SL107.044Starting 043358 CA, 042310 Fed
450SLC 107.024Starting 019057 CA, 019098 Fed

This kit replaces the following
Mercedes Part Numbers:
000 830 03 84 Servo
000 830 06 84 Servo
000 830 01 57 Servo Amplifier

UnwiredTools ACCII-DIY Kit
Price: $299.00 USD

Supporting Documentation

ACCII DIY Installation Manual (Discontinued)

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